Vocational Courses

We offer a range of vocational subjects that meet local and national needs.  Vocational courses are designed to help our students learn in a practical way, helping them to get the skills needed to start a job, progress in a career or go on to higher levels of education.

Engineering is applied maths and science. It puts the theory into a practical application. Everything around us from roads, buildings, vehicles, aircraft to machinery has been developed by engineers. Engineers are the backbone of society and practical and problem solving projects help students to experience the wonder of construction, invention and design.

Health and Social Care not only allows students explore how individuals develop and adapt, but also to develop knowledge and understanding of the sector and the application of care values.  This allows our students to relate the theory and put it into context for real life scenarios.

Hospitality and catering applies to almost every sector of society. This ranges from local bars and restaurants to the food and beverage service on airlines. This also teaches our students about health and safety requirements within both the private and commercial sector.

Travel and Tourism relates to 10% of the UK employment market. When studying Travel and Tourism, students will gain specific knowledge, skills and understanding in the following areas:

  • Organisations and Destinations
  • Influences on Global Travel and Tourism
  • Customer Needs

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