Parent Charter

“You can perform miracles by touching the hearts of those entrusted to your care.”

As a school we recognise the importance of a strong, honest and positive relationship between school and home in order to help us achieve our mission. Our Parent Charter seeks to help strengthen this relationship by clarifying roles, responsibilities and expectations.


As a Lasallian school:

  • We will work alongside you to achieve the best outcomes for your child.
  • We will keep you informed of your child’s progress in an open and respectful manner.
  • We will listen to your views on how we can work more effectively, we will seek these regularly through the Big Ask.
  • We will never turn you away: you will always be seen be a trained member of our staff.
  • We will respond to any concerns within clear time frames (24 hours for the most serious issues and 48 hours for all issues).


As Lasallian parents:

  • You will work alongside the school to achieve the best outcomes for your child.
  • You will keep us informed of any relevant issues or information relating to your child.
  • You will share your views with us in an open and respectful manner.
  • You will understand that others may have a different perspective on events.
  • You will understand our clear time frames for responding to concerns and you might not always be able to speak to a specific member of staff immediately.