Pastoral Structure

Pupils are part of a pastoral form class which is supported by a Form Tutor, Head of Year and Pastoral Support Manager throughout their time at the school.  This builds up positive working relationships with staff and pupils and with school and home, offering stability and securing opportunities for pupils to confidently progress.

The school is very proud of all of its pupils but understands that sometimes a pupil can fall short of the high standards the school sets.  If this occurs the school will, through the pastoral teams, liaise with pupils and parents in order to check poor behaviour, restore good order and accelerate progress.  Pupils are joining a team of over one hundred staff including teachers, specialist mentors, learning assistants, administrators, librarians, technicians and premises staff; all of whom are committed to working to create opportunities where all within the school can become the best they can be.

There are times when correction and reprimand are needed and indeed expected. Therefore the school operates a range of reporting and monitoring systems designed to identify unacceptable behaviour or attitude and to offer remedies which account for and support the needs of the pupils.


Pastoral Staff


Year 7

Head of Year: Mrs C Mallalieu 

Pastoral Support Manager: Mr J Mather


Year 8

Head of Year: Ms A Critchley

Pastoral Support Manager: Mr L Canning


Year 9

Head of Year: Mr M Leggett

Pastoral Support Manager: Mrs S Moran


Year 10

Head of Year: Mrs K Melia

Pastoral Support Manager: Mrs K Marshall


Year 11

Head of Year: Mr G Fletcher

Pastoral Support Manager: Miss K Nesbo