Design and Technology

Curriculum Rationale

Through design and technology we aim to equip learners with the knowledge and skills needed to think creatively and problem-solve, to turn ideas into reality and to express themselves in visual and innovative ways. We also aim to provide learners with the visual and practical language to be able to respond to the world around us, the environment, their social and spiritual identity and the skills needed to become independent in their lives. We believe that access to a creative and practical education is a human right and so strive to ensure that our courses are as inclusive as possible so that no child is left behind or excluded due to personal or economic circumstances.

We do this by nurturing and inspiring creative minds and developing the use of our practical skills in many varied disciplines. Our department develops a strong foundation of skills at KS3 in food technology, product design and 3D studies. At KS4 many of these skills are embedded and taken further through more rigorous approaches to the skills taught leading learners on journeys which seem them independently planning, preparing and creating personal responses be that through food, graphics or engineering.

To ready our learners for the successful creative industries, we aim to strengthen:

  • Creative and lateral thought
  • Design and make skills (including applied maths and science to solve problems when appropriate)
  • Research and investigation
  • Independence, confidence, risk taking and resilience
  • Producing outcomes that are highly skilled and of value

Curriculum Intent

Key Stage 3

Our aim is to provide the young people entrusted to our care with a broad and creative education in Design and Technology. Taking our lead from the National Curriculum we aim to guide students through the fundamental skills in each subject discipline, how they apply to life beyond the classroom and open hearts and minds to the creative possibilities that these subjects can offer. Through trust and respect, passion and enthusiasm we aim to inspire pupils to pursue their journey of discovery through to KS4 and beyond. Our subjects offer pupils a wide and diverse range of transferable skills that we believe will support pupils in areas across the curriculum and the world of work.


Key Stage 4

Engineering: Engineering is applied maths and science, it puts the theory into a practical application. Everything around us from roads, buildings, vehicles, aircraft to machinery has been developed by engineers. Engineers are the backbone of society and practical and problem solving projects help students to experience the wonder of construction, invention and design.

Hospitality and catering: Hospitality and catering applies to almost every sector of society. This ranges from your local bars and restaurants to the food and beverage service on airlines. This also teaches our students about health and safety requirements within both the private and commercial sector.

Graphic design: Graphic design is a huge and very successful part of the creative industries and is such a key part of society and our economy. Students can find many different ways to express themselves through graphic communication and are able to combine original though with rigorous design testing leading to outcomes which can sell, promote, campaign and advertise.

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