"The important thing is to never stop questioning" Albert Einstein.

 The science departments mission at De La Salle School is to deliver a wide ranging and engaging curriculum which inspires awe and wonder in our students' minds, so that they question the world around them and seek answers to those questions. We aim to enthuse students to learn about science through real life examples and, for some, foster a love of the subject in such a way that they consider studying science in the future and working in science-related fields.

Science encourages students to gain knowledge and understanding of scientific principles and apply these to new contexts.

Students study a range of national curriculum topics to learn essential scientific knowledge through a combination of practical and theoretical lessons. At GCSE level, students can study AQA combined science (trilogy), achieving 2 GCSEs or biology, chemistry and physics, achieving 3 GCSEs in the separate disciplines. For some students, we offer Entry Level Certificate Science as an alternative.

Students also develop their abilities to:

  • Use and manipulate equipment correctly and safely
  • Plan, observe, analyse and evaluate
  • Apply ICT in a scientific context
  • Develop a reasoned argument based on scientific facts
  • Apply knowledge to real-life situations

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