Performing Arts

Performing Arts contributes to the school curriculum by developing pupils’ abilities to work as part of a group, present in any given circumstance, refine performance skills, analyse and evaluate work and develop independent thinking.  Performing Arts is important for students to become well rounded individuals and builds empathy and confidence.  It is also important in everyday life and in many forms of employment.

Drama builds confidence, creativity and empathy.  It places pupils in situations where they have to problem solve and think about information from different points of view.  Pupils learn about theatre history, theatre development and theatre in context.  Drama is an expressive art form that empowers individuals to be creative.

Music builds confidence, persistence and expression.  Pupils develop the ability and confidence to be able to perform and compose for a variety of situations, and to use musical terminology to analyse and describe music from all genres.  Pupils can also access instrumental lessons in woodwind, brass, percussion, strings and vocals from visiting tutors.

Pupils can use their drama and music abilities to contribute to the wider life of the school, with the opportunity to take part in school productions, concerts and religious celebrations throughout the year.

Drama and music are offered as separate GCSE option choices.

The performing arts department aims to:

  • Develop pupils’ confidence
  • Develop pupils’ team working and communication skills
  • Promote self-expression
  • Inspire an interest in and love of performing arts in all its forms

Useful Documents


Drama Roadmap

Music Roadmap