The Key Stage Three curriculum in history is designed to ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to study a range of subjects before specialising at GCSE level. The topics studied cover a time period from 1066 to the 20th century, with links to our modern world throughout.

The KS3 and KS4 curriculum has been designed to be relevant to the world pupils live in today and to ensure they leave school with the cultural capital they need to succeed in life. History will encourage political understanding and will create an appreciation of the world beyond St Helens. Through the use of themes, such as religion, government and monarchy, we are able to produce a balanced and focused curriculum which interweaves throughout KS3 and 4, building pupils contextual knowledge and understanding of the topics studied. This also allows for pupils to see the ‘bigger picture’, rather than them isolating key events in history.

The assessments have been designed to ensure that previously taught knowledge is revisited and to ensure there is sufficient rigour for all learners.

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History Roadmap