The geography curriculum has been planned with the express goal of developing students' geographical thinking and sense of wonder about the world they live in.  We want our students to realise the place of geography in their everyday lives and how relevant it is to them, giving them a chance to explore their personal geographies in relation to their world.  We are passionate about place-based learning and want our students to have a greater spatial awareness of their sense of place before they leave us in year 11.  We encourage our students to think like geographers and encourage them to ask questions and answer enquiries.  Geography at De La Salle allows our students to make connections between people and places at a variety of different scales and allows our students to learn in the field whilst exploring the awesomeness of the biosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere.  Underpinning these concepts are geographical skills and assessment objectives.  These strands are sequenced and developed through each theme of study as well as the accrual of the skills necessary to research and investigate problems. These include, map skills, numeracy skills, data skills, graph skills, fieldwork skills and investigative skills.  Our students are given the opportunity to develop their fieldwork skills in every year group. 

Our lessons are taught in a logical progression, systematically and explicitly enough for all pupils to acquire the intended knowledge and skills.  Lessons follow a recognisable sequence that is pertinent to the unit of study or theme and moves learning forward whilst interleaving prior learning to develop secure knowledge and understanding.   

Finally, our students will be given the opportunity to develop the language of geography through the key stages and develop their knowledge, perspectives and skills through an exciting and contemporary curriculum.  We will inspire our students and hope to foster a life-long love of the subject.  Geography at De La Salle supports British values and cultural capital preparing our students for life beyond the classroom.   

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