Friday 17 Jun 2016

Year 9 Sex and Relationship Education


Dear Cath, RE Staff and Head of Year 9,
We are just writing to say a huge thank you for inviting us to speak to your students on the topic of relationships. With the help of your fantastic staff, we feel that the two day event was very successful.
Your students were a pleasure to work with. They thoroughly engaged in the activities & discussions and throughout the two days they acted with maturity and respect; not only with us but with each other too when classmates were sharing personal stories about themselves.
It was clear from the conversations we had that the students were really reflecting on the impact that unhealthy and healthy relationships have not only on themselves and their future but also on those around them too.
Here are some comments from the evaluation forms from your students:
“I have learnt to take care of myself and my body and not treat it as an object. I know that I should careful and cautious when it comes to sex and relationships.”

“I have learnt how to have a successful relationship.”

“I enjoyed today, it was educational.”

“Learning about how dangerous sexting can be and about the consequences that come with it as well.”

“I liked how it was educational but not cringy.”

“I have learnt how you should always be sure you trust the person that you have sex with.”

“I have learnt what STI’s are, how they are transmitted easily and that it is very risky to have sex, which is why we should be and choose to be in good relationships were we are honest and trust/respect each other.”

Many thanks once again for giving us the pleasure to work with your staff and students. We look forward to many more years of LIFE and De La Salle working in partnership with one another.

Warm Regards,
Helen and the North West Life Education Team.

Dates: June 15th and 16th - part of our PHSE provision