Friday 17 Jun 2016

Year 7 Dogs’ Trust Assembly

Year 7 students were thrilled to welcome Michael Carter, the North West Youth Trainer, and his beautiful retriever, Uma, to their assembly on Friday 17th June. Uma’s arrival at school was greeted with much enthusiasm and great delight from both staff and students alike.

Every year Dogs’ Trust cares for over 16,000 dogs in Rehoming Centres across the country. Dogs are abandoned for all kinds of reasons, such as lifestyle changes or lack of time and money. Michael and Uma’s assembly focused on responsible dog ownership and how to keep a dog happy and healthy. The assembly helped the students understand how to stay safe around dogs, as well as what it takes to be a responsible dog owner.

As part of their Media Studies Unit, the students produced charity campaign adverts for the Dogs’ Trust which were entered into a competition and judged by Michael. Congratulations to Reanna Polak, who designed the winning entry, and to the runners up, Liam Wright Harvey and Ellis Williams!