Year 10 Art Trip- Liverpool Albert Docks

 After many years of visiting the Yorkshire Sculpture Park as our annual art trip, a change was made to a more local but appropriate location for the year 10 students to study the theme of structures. Liverpool Albert Dock has a wealth of incredible architecture, both traditional such as the Liver buildings, to the more contemporary Liverpool Museum.

The year 10 students were given the opportunity to photograph and draw observational studies of the various environments around the dock area: The Arena and big wheel, the river front looking over the Mersey and the dock itself with its boats and traditional brick buildings. The students experienced the day with a focus on 3 different artists: Mondrian with his geometric angled shapes. Olivier Krugler, who produces fast sketches of wide skylines, and Rob Wilson who studies structures and scenes from a low perspective giving the feeling of imposing, busy environments.

The students worked hard and collected a lot of information through sketching and documenting with a camera that will be now used in class to develop into coursework which will become 60% of the final overall grade.