Congratulations to Isabelle Gent who recently took part in the IASF Cheerleading World Championships in Florida. We are extremely proud of what Isabelle has achieved and wish her and her team every success in their future competitions.


In April this year my All-star cheerleading team Rising Stars Ellipse competed at the IASF Cheerleading world championships in Florida. We competed against approximately 50 teams from across the World. It was truly the best experience of my life and has been my dream since I started cheerleading. My sport of All-star cheer (not to be confused with side-line cheer) has recently pre-qualified as an Olympic event. This highly demanding sport is best described as group gymnastics requiring a high degree of physical strength and stamina from all athletes. A routine is made up of stunts, jumps, tumbles and dance; pom-poms and chants are not used at all in all-star cheerleading, as most people think. Please watch a world’s routine for yourself to see what is involved. My team has won 2 UK national championships this year and I am proud to say we have qualified again for the World championships in Florida next year. My dream would to one day compete at the Olympics in Cheerleading and represent my country.