Spanish Enrichment Activities with Carmel College

Over the last few months the MFL Department has been working closely with Carmel College to organise Spanish enrichment activities for Year 8 students. Not even Covid restrictions could get in the way as the activities were done virtually!

To begin with, pupils were given a session on the benefits of language learning for future career and education. The Head of Spanish at Carmel College spoke personally about his experiences and how his language skills, combined with law, have opened up many opportunities for him.

A former pupil, and head girl, Eve Leach recorded a special video for pupils explaining how her studies have already enhanced her life opportunities as she is looking at spending time in South America in the very near future.

The second session was led by Sandra who originates from Cuba. Pupils took part in interactive activities to find out more about the history and culture of her country. Pupils were introduced to the idea of idioms and how they reflect the culture and traditions of Spanish-speaking countries.

Mrs Smedley and Mrs Darwin are looking forward to organising further opportunities for our pupils in the Autumn term.

Hasta la proxima!