Football Museum Visit

We were at the National Football Museum because of a workshop about icons from St Helens. We chose Lily Parr because she was an openly gay footballer a hundred years ago, as well as the only woman who has a statue made for her. During the workshop, we created mono prints, screen printed, made banners and produced an animation in Parr’s honour. This will all come together as an augmented reality exhibition available in St Helens town centre this winter.

At the museum, there was a replica of the FA Cup as well as a Euro 96 exhibition. We saw a bronze statue of Lily Parr and played many interactive games to test our football skills. There was also a talk about the history of women’s football and how it relates to the suffragette movement. We were told about how the FA banned women’s football in 1921. We will never know how much women’s football would have evolved had this not happened.