Another exciting culture experience for our pupils whilst visiting our Exchange School in Valladolid. They experienced a full programme of events: Visiting the Town Hall and experiencing sitting in the Chamber where a lot of important decisions are taken. A full guided tour was given of the city, visiting the many landmarks, churches and the University. A day in school gave them a flavour of the lessons with an added bonus of visiting the Nursery Pupils who are 3 and 4 years old.  Our pupils read stories and sang typical English Nursery Rhymes to this very young audience, Mrs Ballout and myself (Mrs Sixsmith) spotted the potential in some pupils as being future teachers. 


We also visited the nostalgic and beautiful town of Segovia, viewing those Roman Aqueducts and learning about the different cultures throughout the history of the town. We visited the breath-taking Cathedral and Alcazar where it is believed that Walt Disney originally got his idea for how he wanted the Disney Magic Kingdom to look.


A three day period of Fiestas started while we were there our pupils helped with some crafting and sampled the traditional Paella Dish.

On our journey home we visited the Bernabeu Stadium the home of Rael Madrid and we also had a whistle stop tour of Madrid City Centre.