Soli Youth Retreat


To sum the retreat up in one word; amazing. I feel so lucky that I got to take part in something so special so special. The retreat to Soli house was something I will always remember. We left Friday morning and spent most of the day in Alton towers but at 4pm we left for our weekend in the house. Aside from the fabulous activities that we got to do (such as archery, bike rides, long team walk etc.) the thing that I will really remember and cherish is the social interaction and spiritual side of it. Being in the house with my peers and interacting with people –some of which I had never talked to- was so lovely, on that retreat it seemed that high school never existed and you got to talk to people without the social pressure of school. The other big point I mentioned was the spiritual side; I know for me personally, I felt closer to God by being there and truly be given the time to think about myself in relation to the world and my relationship with my faith.

In conclusion, this retreat was the best part of Y9 and so much fun-I would highly recommend this trip to anyone because there was something there for everyone.