Ignite our hearts for peace

This month we have prayed for Peace alongside our fellow Lasallians all around the world during the Lasallian month for peace. Our collective worship resources, created by the District Council for Young Lasallians, enabled us to reflect and think about peace within ourselves, our families, our school and on a global level. In addition a group of Year 9 students took part in a workshop creating visual postcards to send to students in a class at De La Salle in Poland. The messages on the front of the cards read "Peace be with you" in Polish and on the reverse students wrote to individual members of the class to introduce themselves and tell them a little about the things that they enjoyed. Following this we went planting for peace in the school grounds, planting bulbs which (hopefully) will grow in a few months to provide colour and vibrance to our environment as we recognise how importance this is in making our environment feel welcoming and safe. Thanks to all of the Year 9 students who took part in this workshop, you were all amazing!