De La Salle students celebrate strong performance in their GCSEs

Students from De La Salle School have been celebrating another good set of GCSE results this year.

This year has seen De La Salle pupils achieve their highest grades ever with 19 students achieving the highest possible Grade 9 score under the new GCSE system and 30 achieving Grade 8. This success was not only limited to the highest performing students as the school has also reduced the gap between the performance of disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged students and between boys and girls.

The results are testimony to the hard work of De La Salle students, staff and parents – and underline the school’s determination to help every student achieve the highest possible standards. Many will now progress on to their career choices, or on to further education.

Headteacher Andrew Rannard said: “These are a strong set of results which are starting to reflect the many improvements that have been made at De La Salle over the past 2 years as well as the combined efforts of staff, students and parents. I am particularly pleased that, as well as our performance in the core subjects, the school’s commitment to the arts has also been reflected by excellent results in subjects such as art and drama.

Students who had a particularly good day included:

Elizabeth Griffiths (10 GCSEs including 5 grade 9s)

Niall O’Connell (10 GCSEs including 4 grade 9s, 1 grade 8 and 4 grade 7s)

Kieran Cannon (10 GCSEs including 3 grade 9s, 2 grade 8s and 3 grade 7s)

Mollie Brown (10 GCSEs including 3 grade 9s and 3 grade 7s)

Stephen Walker (10 GCSEs including 2 grade 9s and 5 grade 8s)

Liam Wilson (10 GCSEs including 2 grade 9s, 3 grade 8s and 4 grade 7s)

Thomas Dodd (10 GCSEs including 2 grade 9s, 3 grade 8s and 3 grade 7s)


Abby Shelbourne

Stephen Walker

Roisin Cook

Niall O'Connell

Niall O'Connell, Elizabeth Griffiths, Roisin Cook, Stephen Walker and Abby Shelbourne

Liam Wilson and Kieran Cannon

Tarveen Kaur