Edge Hill University Maths Tuition

On Monday 6th March, over 100 Year 11 pupils had a unique opportunity to receive personalised tuition from a maths specialist teacher from Edge Hill University.  As part of their preparations for the new GCSE in mathematics, our pupils each spent one hour revising the critical topic of ‘ratio and proportion’ one-to-one with their own teacher! This helped to identify misconceptions and accelerate progress in this key area.



The response from the Year 11 pupils was overwhelmingly positive, with comments including “I loved it”, “it was so helpful!” and “can we do this every week?” Pupils are already reaping the rewards of this day, demonstrating a better understanding of these types of questions in their practice GCSE papers!



Our visitors from Edge Hill University were equally impressed with the attitude of all of our pupils, with Martin Pickett (Mathematics PGCE Course Leader) commenting positively on the effort and engagement of all Year 11s.


Another part of the day involved a group of Year 9 pupils taking part in a demonstration maths lesson with Mrs Bahan in the school hall.

Again, the Year 9 pupils involved showed outstanding effort and attitude and they represented everything that we are proud of in our Lasallian pupils.

Mrs Bahan.