On Thursday 22nd June, all our feeder primaries joined together in a community mass held at Lowe House.

De La Salle staff had prepared for months to ensure this was a memorable occasion for all.

Before mass began St Bartholomew's year 5 class lead us in a hymn while photographs of pupils from the primary school was shown.



Then each school was part of a procession at the beginning of mass with their school banners and all took part in the readings and offertory. Soloist sang beautifully and the reflection after communion was a dance by De La Salle pupils.

The theme throughout was 'shine' and how our year 5 and 6 pupils can do this in their future lives at Secondary school.

Mr Wall and our current head boy Edward addressed all present and wished them well, then a Video was played with messages from staff and pupils to all at our feeder primaries and how we are looking forward to welcoming them to our school.

A big thank you to Father Tom and Liam for co-celebrating this special event.