Head Boy and Head Girl

Head Boy: Jacob Walsh

Hello, my name is Jacob Walsh and I’m grateful and honoured to have been chosen to be this year’s Head Boy. However, being chosen to be this year’s Head Boy comes with a massive side carriage of responsibility and a huge challenge for myself, a challenge I hope I’ll rise to and succeed at.

I have a deep level of gratitude for the education I have received, so I feel as if I have a lot to give back to the school’s community. During my final year I’ll be co-leading the 1719 Society, where we’ll be aiming to reach out to as many pupils and staff as possible in the form of various programs that will help to make the school a more positive and inclusive environment for learning while championing our unique Lasallian ethos.

Since joining the school 5 years ago, I’ve had lots of opportunities that have helped me progress academically and as an individual: from the amazing trips to the multiple public speaking opportunities (I recently pulled off a somewhat ‘convincing’ Australian accent in front of former (Australian) Saints player Phil Veivers during a speech of thanks, which is something I’d have never imagined myself doing at the start of my journey in year 7).

So, as I enter my final year, the most difficult yet, I’ll do my best to live up to the high standards of the predecessors and with the support off my peers and teachers I aim to reach the grades that will set me up for my next step of my journey through education. I hope that my time remaining at De La Salle doesn’t pass me by too fast, as I still feel I have a lot to give.

Head Girl: Eve Leach

Hello, my name is Eve Leach and I am proud to be this year’s Head Girl at De La Salle. I am very thankful to have been chosen for this position, and I can’t wait to get started and give back to the school and its community; after all they have done for me, since I joined five years ago.

Through my role, I am also able to engage with and help to lead our school’s 1719 Society, our Year 11 student leadership team. Working closely with different teachers and the society, we hope to make our school a better place - for both students and staff - where everybody is able to reach their full potential, in a safe and welcoming environment.

Since becoming a student at De La Salle, I have been provided with countless opportunities to expand upon my personal skills, by: partaking in workshops, volunteering for clubs, attending careers fairs, conferences for different subjects and multiple trips abroad. As well as being given many opportunities to express myself creatively, share my opinions and achieve academically.

My time at De La Salle has flown by, and during my last year I will be working hard to achieve my full potential, in the exams that will conclude my journey through high school, leading me into the next step of my education. I am honoured to represent my school, through which I have been introduced to multitudes of amazing people, and act as a role model for the younger students. Over my time here, I have created many memories that I will cherish, and learnt lessons that will only help me continue on my journey.