Year 7 Freshers Fayre 2022

The clock had just ticked 13:10 and lunchtime had just started. However, this lunchtime would be slightly different.

The doors to the main hall were left open and within minutes the hall was filled with a bustling air of excitement as well as innumerable animated year sevens eager to enlist for an expansive array of extra-curricular clubs.

Lots of new clubs were on offer for the Year sevens such as; the gardening club, a board game club and many languages like Portuguese, Italian and Sign Language.


The joys of extra-curricular clubs will hopefully be felt by lots more students. The sense of enlightenment and exhilaration whether this is on the rugby pitch or in a classroom.

Extra-Curricular is the building blocks and pathway to greatness. Interaction and commitment into clubs is the basis of any good CV and any employer always looks for these traits. Skills like communication, resilience, problem solving will be learnt in these clubs. They are about going above and beyond what is expected, working and homing onto improvements and progressions.

This shows what a great opportunity the Year Sevens have to enrich their skillset and experience as well as the tantalising opportunity to make new friends.